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Organization of a messy person

Sometimes I wonder if I have OCD. But very mildly. I’ll have a day like I did Saturday where I vacuumed my room and did my laundry and cleaned off my desk and organized my things and made room and cleaned my bathroom counter and toilet and put in a new air freshener…and then I’ll have days like today where I put my water bottle on my newly cleaned counter in my bathroom and move the stuff I organized on my desk and take my laptop into bed with me even though I put it on the desk so I would actually use the desk. It’s like my life is a constant flow between order and chaos. And then of course I think about how the whole world is a constant flow between order and chaos. Nature, animals, work, our personal lives, space. Literally everything is a constant flow between chaos and order. I guess, sometimes it’s just more noticeable than other times.

I know this was short, but just something I had on my mind.

As always, have a good night!

A Day in Nature

So, I am sorry I didn’t post over the weekend. I went away and I didn’t bring my laptop with me. In the future I will try to schedule some posts for when I’m going away.

I am currently planning a beach trip with my boyfriend for the end of July so I will try to write some posts before I do that.

Today I went to Tanner Falls near Honesdale, PA and I want to share some pictures of them with you! There’s also a really cool bridge there that was built in 1855. Yes, it’s fenced and off limits to pedestrians….yes we crawled through the hole in the fence and walked across it…twice… NO I DO NOT CONDONE BREAKING THE LAW!!! It’s off limits because it’s very VERY old and unsafe to be on…my friends and I are just idiots.

With that being said, please enjoy the pictures!

(If you look closely there’s a double rainbow!)

Ocean Vacation

So I talk a lot about what makes me anxious and stressed everyday so I thought today I would go in a little bit of a different direction and talk about what helps me de-stress and relax.

I love listening to music and just relaxing and I also love reading books (Especially the Harry Potter books) but the thing that makes me the most happy and relaxed is going to the beach. Both of my grandmothers live in New Jersey and I’ve spent most of my life going to the beach for the summer and the boardwalk. I just feel so relaxed and at peace when I go to the ocean and listen to the waves and feel the sand under my toes. I also love walking through the woods so really I think just being out in nature helps me relax and de-stress. Unfortunately I also burn really easily so these two things tend to conflict.

My boyfriend has never been to New Jersey or the boardwalk so I’m hoping the two of us can take a short vacation this year and go visit the beach and that will definitely make me feel better since I’ve been super stressed lately with work and living with my parents still.

So yeah, that’s a little bit of what helps me relax and de-stress. What do you do for fun and to help relax in your spare time?

As always, have a goodnight!