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Spectacular Now (Review)

Hey everyone! This is another movie review. I watched a movie on Netflix called the Spectacular Now. At first I thought it was a romantic comedy but after watching it for a while it didn’t actually seem that funny.

There are some very serious life issues and family issues in this movie that I wasn’t expecting when I first started watching this movie.

I also, do not feel that much sympathy for the main character, Sutten. Usually I’m rooting for the main character and hoping that everything works out for them but in this film I felt that, even with his family and character issues, he was selfish and put other people in danger and ruined their lives and their hearts as well. I felt that the amount of suffering he put on other people was unfair and even that he didn’t deserve a happy ending. It’s not particularly clear and whether or not he gets a happy ending but it seems to be leaning toward that and I didn’t think he needed one.

That’s just my opinion, watch the movie and let me know what you think! Thanks everyone!

Penelope (Review)

Hey everyone! I am finally doing the review of Penelope. So this movie is actually from 2006 but I only recently saw it. The first thing I want to say is that it was a great movie.

It definitely had some funny parts and some serious parts as well. I will say the ending is definitely not what I expected. I absolutely love the message that it sent especially for young adults, both male and female.

A short synopsis is that Penelope is a royal teenager who has been cursed to have the face of a pig. She’s trying, with the help of her mother, to find a fellow royal who can look past her appearance and agree to marry her. I love the confidence and self esteem it can instill in someone and help the audience, especially the younger audience, realize it’s not all about looks and appearance.

There’s my review of Penelope, I hope you all enjoyed it! Thank you so much.


Beauty and the Beast Review (French 2014 Version)

Hey everyone!

So I was just on Netflix and I searched for a Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff because I love that movie and Beauty and the Beast came up but a version I hadn’t seen before. (probably because it’s French) Now as you probably know since I just got a tattoo of a rose that’s supposed to be from Beauty and the Beast, I love that movie so I decided to watch it.As it turns out I think it was dubbed on Netflix to English so luckily I could understand it because I don’t speak French. I was actually shocked how different this version was from the regular version I was so used to seeing. Without giving anything away there’s plunderers, nymphs, lots and lots of roses, a beast (obviously) and some beagles. Overall I actually really really loved this version and definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new twist on an old classic.

I am sorry this was such a short post but I do think this movie was great and I really don’t want to give anything away. Thanks for reading and if everyone would like, maybe I will give a more detailed review of this movie in the future. Another movie I want to review soon which I just watched yesterday is Penelope. Yes this is an older movie but I hadn’t seen it yet.

Thanks again for all your support!

The Boy

Hey everyone!

My former post about my favorite songs was pretty popular so I thought I’d write a review of the movie I just watched last night called “The Boy”. This has been advertised on tv a bit and it’s a horror movie about an older couple who hire a nanny to watch their son….who turns out to be a doll. Now before I continue writing this I want to add that I’m going to try to write this with as little spoilers as possible but there still might be some. So I apologize for that.

Now I did like this movie. It wasn’t as scare as I would’ve thought given all the hype but I still thought that is was good. I will say the movie spends a lot of time trying to get you to believe it’s going in one direction and make you think one thing is happening when, in reality, that’s not what’s happening at all! The twist ending is crazy but I thought it was pretty cool. I still recommend seeing it though and let me know what you thought of it!

I know that was a pretty short review but I didn’t want to give too much away.

There is something else I’d like to share as well.

As some of you might know, I have been getting more into makeup and doing my makeup and trying to do videos as well. Recently I entered a giveaway on YouTube to win Jefree Stars new palette, Thirsty. I am still waiting on the results of that but, if I don’t win it, I will probably buy the palette. Or an Urban Decay palette. So, down below let me know if you’d like to see that video and also if there’s a specific palette you’d like me to use! Thank you 🙂