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Organization of a messy person

Sometimes I wonder if I have OCD. But very mildly. I’ll have a day like I did Saturday where I vacuumed my room and did my laundry and cleaned off my desk and organized my things and made room and cleaned my bathroom counter and toilet and put in a new air freshener…and then I’ll have days like today where I put my water bottle on my newly cleaned counter in my bathroom and move the stuff I organized on my desk and take my laptop into bed with me even though I put it on the desk so I would actually use the desk. It’s like my life is a constant flow between order and chaos. And then of course I think about how the whole world is a constant flow between order and chaos. Nature, animals, work, our personal lives, space. Literally everything is a constant flow between chaos and order. I guess, sometimes it’s just more noticeable than other times.

I know this was short, but just something I had on my mind.

As always, have a good night!