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Seven Tubs

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share a quick post about the hike I went on yesterday.  I went to the seven tubs natural recreation area in Wilkes Barre with my boyfriend and some good friends.  The walk was a little iffy in the beginning but I’m also not the best hiker. It got better though and the views were absolutely breathtaking the whole walk. The trail had evidence of where the tornado had hit. It was fascinating to see where the tornado has went through and the damage. I do recommend you bring water, the walk was a little longer than I expected it to be. Overall it was great exercise and a great day spent with friends. Here’s some pictures!


Keto Journey

So I wasn’t going to post anything until the end of my journey but I thought I would kind of go through day to day. Today is Day 1. I am 202.4lbs and 5’4. I am NOT doing strict keto. Working a full time job and living with my parents who do not do keto but do most of the cooking would make it very difficult to be strict on this but I’m majorly cutting out carbs and soda and energy drinks are being completely cut out. I will keep everyone updated on my results, my progress, any thoughts and even recipes if you’d be interested. For breakfast today I had bacon and eggs with a slice of swiss cheese. Lunch was a pouch of nutrisystem tuna salad (I had tried nutrisystem in the past and still have some food items). A snack was some peanuts and for dinner I’m having crunchy taco hamburger helper (Part of the not strict keto since this does have rice and chips in it along with preservatives) I am also going to try working out more. I went for a light walk today and did some push ups last night. I expect to workout more when I have days off. My boyfriend, his sister, and I hike and go for walks quite often which should help.

That’s all for now and I will keep you updated!