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Motorcycles and the Devil

Hello everyone! I promise this post isn’t as condemning and horrible as it sounds. I want to start this post off with a story. As I have mentioned in posts before, I work with the public on a daily basis. The other day a man came in to my job. He was very nice and very polite but what I did notice was his biker vest and his shirt which was something about an uphill climb competition. The climb competition’s name is what interested me. It started with either devil or satan or something along those lines. The man’s tattoos as well were demons and satan and symbols usually connected with evil. This got me thinking about the Hell’s Angels and why so many things that have to do with motorcycles seem to have a devil or evil connection. So I decided to look up some history.

First, Hell’s Angels. The Hell’s Angels started in California and the name came from fighter squadrons in World War I and II. So I decided to do some research on these squadrons.

So the squadron’s official name, according to what I found online, was the AVG 3rd pursuit squadron. They came from a deal between the US and china. The deal was kept secret so the US could continue to seem indifferent or neutral to use the author’s words. There were used to protect China’s road to Burma but, a more notable history, they were brought into the Army Air Forces after Pearl Harbor.

There was also a note, on one of the sources, that a couple different motorcycle clubs named the hells angels all popped up around the same time so I’m going to assume that the name is a coincidence.

I would like to wrap this article up with a quick note about one per center motorcycle clubs that I found while doing my research. Apparently a one percenter motorcycle club is a motorcycle club where they are considered outlaws and involved in criminal activity. It is meant to portray that less then 1% of all motorcycle gangs are involved in criminal activity. The term originated as a defense against the notion that all motorcycle gangs are violent and connected to crime.

Thanks for reading! I know this was a bit long but I had a good time writing it and learning new things. Thanks for all the support!