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Hey everyone!

So today I want to talk about something that might be considered a touchy subject. I love writing my blog and being more involved with my blog than I was in the past. I love talking to you guys (Please comment whenever you like!) and I love having somewhere I can use as kind of a creative outlet when I feel like writing poetry and short stories and I love the support I receive from you guys!

Recently we had an issue with the roof leaking and now we’re facing the possibility that we might have to move. Even with 3 adults, our income is very minimal considering two adults are disabled and I don’t make enough at my full time job to move right now.

I am asking that all my followers consider subscribing to me on Patreon. Again, I am only asking, I understand if it’s just not doable for you at this time and I still greatly appreciate your support!

Even if you can’t subscribe, I would love for you to at least share my page if you would be so kind so it can get to as many people as possible! I know the internet is capable of great things when we all work together!

Again thank you for all the continued support and I love all of you!

Have a wonderful day!

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A little bit of help

Hey everyone,

I am writing to you to ask a favor. I hate asking people for help but I’m in kind of a desperate situation right now and I wasn’t sure what else to do. I could use all the help I could get. This will ruin my anonymity but the problem is bigger than that at this point.

About 3 months ago my grandmother passed away from cancer. We had the funeral service for her and it was beautiful. This was in the winter time (almost spring but temperatures have been unusually low here this year) so we had to wait to hear from the cemetery to be able to bury her. Fast forward to now and my grandmother still has not been buried. This is not because of the weather but because of an inability of the family to pay off the remaining balance to the funeral home. The youngest daughter of my grandmother has basically denied all responsibility for helping with paying, for contacting Cancer Society of America, or for doing remotely anything to help.

We have been trying to raise funds so my grandmother can be buried and it’s not going well at all so I set up a Go Fund Me page. I have attached the obituary for my grandmother to the campaign so hopefully everyone feels a little better about donating. I’m open to any questions anyone might have about it as well. I’m on here to ask everyone to visit the campaign and, even if you can’t donate, share it wherever you can. On facebook, wordpress, tumblr. Anywhere you can would be amazing. At this point the more people I can reach the better. Thank you so, so much for your help and feel free to comment me at any time.