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Chloes diary (page 2)

I know it’s been a while but I’m back.

We ran into some unexpected trouble and had to hide in the supermarket for a few days.

Luckily we made it out and we’re back in our hiding spot. Andy is getting restless but I’m hoping he can stay quiet for a while. We have nowhere else to go unless we leave the state and that journey would take planning.

There are more of them than I remember. The blue lightning they create seems to be everywhere lately.

I’ll be making a trip home soon. There are some photos and memories I want.

It’s a risky journey and it’s foolish..

But it’s all I have left of them. My parents, my friends, Meg. I can’t leave it behind.

That’s all for now.

Check back later,


Quick poem to say sorry!!!

Hey guys, I don’t think I’ve posted this one before but I apologize if I did and I’m sorry I haven’t been consistent lately!!

I was happy in my life

Before you crashed into me

And everything tilted on its side

Like when I was a kid

And I knew the lightning was dangerous

But I would dance in the rain anyway

I was thinking everything was good,

Now I’m questioning everything instead.

It’s like when you’re stranded at sea

And you know you shouldn’t,

But you drink the saltwater anyway.

It’s like a tornado outside

Where you should get to safety but you can’t stop staring.

It’s like I’ve abandoned all sense of self preservation.

You’re there and I can’t stop staring.

I should look away but it’s like a car crash.

A beautiful catastrophe right in front of me.

Taking my breath away and making me go insane.

But then it’s all over and reality comes crashing down

And then it’s like finding out the person behind you won the jackpot,

Or like being one inch too short to ride the rollercoaster.

When you’re so close but so far at the same time

And all you can do is watch as the sunset fades from view

Knowing another one will never be quite the same


So every time I try to get on track with this something happens. Yesterday I was in the er with the stomach flu. Today i have been resting. Hopefully a new post tomorrow. Thanks guys!!!

Chloe’s Diary (Page 1)

My name is Chloe. And this is my diary. I am 19 years old and I live in what’s left of Florida with what’s left of my family. His name is Anderson (Andy for short) and he’s a 1yr old Labrador. He’s a great listener but I need somewhere I can keep my thoughts, my secrets…somewhere to record what’s been happening to us. It all started about a year ago, right around when Andy was born. There had been talk of an evacuation and drills for months before anything happened but no one would tell us what it was about, what was happening. They tried to cover it up and because of that they left their citizens unprepared and defenseless…they saved themselves.

I’m currently hiding in an undisclosed location out side of town. I can’t risk writing exacts here in case one of them finds it. I’m not even sure there’s any more humans left…what if I’m all that’s left? Besides not risking being too close to too many of them, Andy is still a puppy and his barking could get us into a lot of trouble any closer to the center of town…he’s a liability…but he’s all I have left.

Food is getting scarce and a trip into town is becoming inevitable. I’m going to have to leave Andy behind..he’s too loud to drag into town. Damn dog doesn’t know when to shut up.

Anyway, it’s getting dark and the stars aren’t shining as bright as they used to..

Until next time Diary,

If there is a next time.

Different Direction!

Hey everyone!

So I have decided to go in a different direction with this blog. As I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been all over the place in the past. With fiction stories, poems, ranting, music and movie reviews. There’s been topics about everything on here and I want to streamline it and make it more about one thing and more cohesive.

I still want to write fiction and keep up on my creative writing so what I’m going to do is start a diary from a fictional character and write the blog from that perspective so that it will have more creative elements and more of a focus and a storyline. I am currently not feeling well but hopefully the first post will be up sometime between tonight and tomorrow. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments about this once it takes off and I hope you will all continue to support me!

I also recently got a different job and it has more of a set schedule so I should be able to post pretty regularly. I want to be able to give you guys more content and more to follow than just posting once or twice every few weeks and I do apologize for all the inconsistencies in my writing.

Once I get going on this, if it’s really popular and something people like and want to see more of, I might recruit a follower or two to do some cover art or illustrations for me as well!

I hope this works out and I’m really liking this new direction!

Again thank you all for the support!


What’s the point?

I haven’t been writing often.

The reason for that is two sided but they also intertwine.

I’ve been struggling with feeling depressed lately. I’ve been tired and sluggish and emotional and losing interest in everyday activities.

Another reason, that could be fueling my depression is often I’ll sit down to write but it’ll occur to me that my writing doesn’t matter. That my words will have no impact on anyone. That what I have to say doesn’t matter to anyone. And that’s when I have to wonder what the point is writing anything at all in the first place.

I love writing and being creative and I hope I can get back into the swing of things. Until then I hope you can all be patient with me and understanding while I try to find inspiration. Thank you all.

Random poem (nsfw)

I want you to bite my neck
We’re just talking and I’m so wet
The angel on my shoulder has abandoned me
Because I’m flirting with the devil
And I like how your claws rip my skin
Your love can’t be worse than the hell I’m in
I want you to fuck me raw
Until I can’t stand and I’m forced to crawl
I want to touch until I can feel your pain
Kiss me until I go insane
I want to fuck on ecstasy
So I can feel you feeling me
I want to taste your blood in my mouth,
I don’t do drugs but I needa fix
And you could fuck me up with just one kiss
Breathing hard until I pass out
Wake up, do it all again.
Be your sex slave, in my head.