Makeup Video?

Just a quick post. I’ve been doing my makeup more often and slowly gaining a little bit of confidence. Would anyone be interested in watching me do a makeup tutorial? I’ve been thinking about it on and off and was wondering if anyone would be interested. Please let me know down in the comments. Also, how has everyone been? I’d love to hear about any adventures or summer activities that have been going on. I’m going on vacation at the end of next month and will be sure to take lots of pictures.

Thanks everyone and sorry for the short post. I will try to post more soon. Thanks again!


Keto Journey

So I wasn’t going to post anything until the end of my journey but I thought I would kind of go through day to day. Today is Day 1. I am 202.4lbs and 5’4. I am NOT doing strict keto. Working a full time job and living with my parents who do not do keto but do most of the cooking would make it very difficult to be strict on this but I’m majorly cutting out carbs and soda and energy drinks are being completely cut out. I will keep everyone updated on my results, my progress, any thoughts and even recipes if you’d be interested. For breakfast today I had bacon and eggs with a slice of swiss cheese. Lunch was a pouch of nutrisystem tuna salad (I had tried nutrisystem in the past and still have some food items). A snack was some peanuts and for dinner I’m having crunchy taco hamburger helper (Part of the not strict keto since this does have rice and chips in it along with preservatives) I am also going to try working out more. I went for a light walk today and did some push ups last night. I expect to workout more when I have days off. My boyfriend, his sister, and I hike and go for walks quite often which should help.

That’s all for now and I will keep you updated!


Technical issues and diet

Hello everyone!

So I first want to start off with apologizing for how late I am in posting something. Life has been a little crazy lately and I will explain everything that is going on. The one thing I won’t go into too much detail about is my best friend’s birthday was over the weekend and I didn’t have my laptop with me so that’s why I didn’t post then.

Recently, about two-three days ago, I tried to write a post for you guys and my laptop completely freaked out. It typed multiple letters for everything I wrote and my cursor stopped working. Even my space bar didn’t really want to work. Today however these issues seem to be fixed

As you all know from my other post we were waiting and struggling for my grandmother to be buried. I did post an update but, if you didn’t see it, she was buried on Saturday after a family member put up the rest of the money. I was given a donation on Gofundme and I am leaving it on there so, eventually, it will automatically refund back to the person. I didn’t feel right keeping it, even though it was smaller, because the full amount was put up by someone else and I didn’t really need it for that purpose. Her sister spoke at the wedding as the officiant and it was very beautiful. Thank you everyone for the support.

The second thing is that I mentioned in a previous post I was considering moving to overnights at work. I did end up doing this and this has been my first week on overnight’s schedule at work. I have been having a very hard time keeping to the sleep schedule and getting the appropriate amount of sleep. Especially since a lot of things in my life currently are making it so I can’t sleep during the day which would be ideal for work. I talked to my boss just today and am looking into going back to my previous schedule which worked a bit better for my life outside of work. Another big factor in that decision is that my boyfriend was moving to nights at his job so we’d have a similar schedule. His plans have changed so me on overnights would actually make our schedules farther apart.

The final thing that I’d like to talk about is weight loss and my diet. I am currently at 200lbs. I’m not big on sharing my weight with others but I feel like telling my followers on here will help keep me accountable. I’m 5’4 so, as far as BMI goes, I am obese. I have decided that, starting tomorrow, I am going to try the keto diet. I have heard very good things from people close to me and I want to try it out and see if it works for me. I have hypothyroidism and I’ve heard it can even help get your thyroid back to normal even though that’s not a proven thing and there currently isn’t a cure for thyroid disorders. I am on medicine for my thyroid though I should be taking it more regularly.

I am hoping that the keto diet will help with weight loss but also help with cutting down, if not quitting completely, my caffeine intake. I am currently having 2-3 energy drinks a day which, while also being horrible for my thyroid, is causing numerous issues for my health. Caffeine is very, VERY, addictive and I am hoping this helps me recover from those issues. I do have an instagram page. If anyone would be interested in me posting my keto journey pictures (as I go through it since tomorrow is my first day) let me know that in the comments. Again thank you all for the continued support and, as always, have a good night!

Burial update

I thank everyone for the support and help. My aunt put up the money for the funeral so my grandma will be buried Saturday. Someone did donate. I don’t know how to refund the money but I think if I just leave it without withdrawing it, it should refund on its own eventually. Thank you for all the help.

A little bit of help

Hey everyone,

I am writing to you to ask a favor. I hate asking people for help but I’m in kind of a desperate situation right now and I wasn’t sure what else to do. I could use all the help I could get. This will ruin my anonymity but the problem is bigger than that at this point.

About 3 months ago my grandmother passed away from cancer. We had the funeral service for her and it was beautiful. This was in the winter time (almost spring but temperatures have been unusually low here this year) so we had to wait to hear from the cemetery to be able to bury her. Fast forward to now and my grandmother still has not been buried. This is not because of the weather but because of an inability of the family to pay off the remaining balance to the funeral home. The youngest daughter of my grandmother has basically denied all responsibility for helping with paying, for contacting Cancer Society of America, or for doing remotely anything to help.

We have been trying to raise funds so my grandmother can be buried and it’s not going well at all so I set up a Go Fund Me page. I have attached the obituary for my grandmother to the campaign so hopefully everyone feels a little better about donating. I’m open to any questions anyone might have about it as well. I’m on here to ask everyone to visit the campaign and, even if you can’t donate, share it wherever you can. On facebook, wordpress, tumblr. Anywhere you can would be amazing. At this point the more people I can reach the better. Thank you so, so much for your help and feel free to comment me at any time.

Juggling Life

Hey everyone!

So I just wanted to pop in here and say hi to everyone, see how everyone is doing. Just small talk and chilling. I want to keep it real with you guys and be open and communicative.

Lately I have been trying to juggle a lot of things between my bills and a full time job and my relationship and still trying to make room for my hobbies like blogging and makeup and everything so I want you guys to know you’re not being ignored and I’m not forgetting about this blog. It’s just a bit harder to write on this daily and remember to post things every single night and, honestly, sometimes I sit down to write a post on here and just don’t really have anything to talk about.

Anyway that was my short rant and I wanted to say hi and let everyone know I’m still here and hopefully I will have a longer and more substantial post coming up soon!

Thanks and have a great night!